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Penang Malaysia is also known as “The Pearl of Orient” that is a favorite destination for local as well as foreign tourists. Travelers visit this city and bring back beautiful memories of its beautiful beaches, cultures and great food. Malaysia is expected to receive over 30.5 million tourists this year. Being among the most visited places in Malaysia; it has something for every visitor. It is a place one must not miss during their trip to Malaysia.

In Penang tour, travelers can choose a tour Package to get the facility of best Penang hotel and travel. Professional and reliable Penang tour agent does their best to fulfill tourists’ and travelers’ best Penang travel requirements in order to provide them better understanding and insight of each travel destination before departure. People get the best travel experiences using the services of Penang tour agent. These packages are designed to fulfill travel needs. Every visitor should know all the famous attractions and top must do things to make their Penang travel memorable and exciting. The range of things to do in Penang just surprises one. Below are top must do things in this beautiful city:

Batu Ferrenghi Beach:

Batu Ferrenghi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia where both locals and tourists visit and spend a pleasant time. Batu Feringghi is intentionally developed as a recreational spot, where there are resorts, restaurants, stalls, and a lot more to cater needs of the tourists.

Auto city juru (Mainland):
Auto city is one of the modern tourist destinations and a one stop complex for shopping, clubs, and owns more than 30 brands of automobiles. Moreover, it is a favorite destination for concerts, road shows, exhibitions and more. There are many shopping centers and banks that are making it a commercial hub. In addition, there are many restaurants and bars that provide delicious foods.

Gurney is another popular place, often referred to as “The New Esplanade”. This popular destination offers a unique experience of dining by the sea. Gurney is famous for hawker delights and exciting restaurants.

Penang national park:
The Penang National Park is located on the north-western tip of the island at Teluk Bahang. This park has beautiful rain forest and beaches. It is a great place for jungle trekking, camping, fishing, wildlife, and bird hunting. Moreover, travelers can relax on its beautiful beaches.

Penang street art:
Penang street art has enhanced its appeal as a tourist destination. It has developed a vibrant street art scene that attracts art lovers towards itself. The works of cartoonists have generated awareness of the rich history of the streets. A famous London-trained Lithuanian artist was ordered to paint Mirror George Town, a collection of murals within the inner city.

Penang Snake Temple:

One of the oldest temples in the world is the Penang Snake temple. It is exceptional and adventurous. Snakes present here reside within the temple itself. They are poisonous and it is suggested not to touch or pick them on your own. In Penang travel, you can include its visit in the list.

Take the Walking Tour of the World Heritage Site:
George Town in Penang is known as World Heritage Site, where travelers can visit the popular attractions such as Fort Cornwallis, The City Hall, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee clock tower, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, and some more to see colonial buildings from the British era.

Visit nearby Islands:
Some travelers who want to spend time in peaceful atmosphere prefer to visit Pulau Jerejak, Pulau Aman and Pulau Betong, which are located beside Penang Island.

Check Out Juru Highway Auto-City:
Juru Highway Auto-City is famous for international cuisine, entertainment outlets, banks, auto showrooms, service centers, fashion boutiques and more.

Shop at Flea Markets, Night Markets and Shopping Malls:
Big shopping malls, flea markets, night markets and modern shopping complexes offer great shopping experiences. Moreover, you can visit Little India and Queenbay Mall for amazing shopping.

Cross Penang Bridge:
It is one of the longest bridges in Asia that offers spectacular view of this Island. Visitors enjoy the view of Island from this bridge.

Go on a Ferry Ride from Butterworth:
Ride the Ferry from Butterworth to Penang Island to enjoy the scenery view of the whole city.

Visit Kek Lok Si, the Largest Buddhist Temple in Southeast Asia:
Kek Lok Si Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia that houses a seven storey pagoda, a bronze statue of Kuan Yin, big halls for assembly and prayer and statues of Buddha.

Take the Train Up to Penang Hill:

Penang Hill Train

Penang Hill is a popular tourist spot in Penang, where tourists enjoy the view of entire Penang Island from the peak of this Hill. An easy way to reach to the peak is by railway.

Enjoy the Sunset at Batu Ferringhi Beach or Tanjung Bungah Beach:
Batu Ferringhi Beach is a popular beach in Penang that is well-known for its scenery. It is also a perfect place to stay as there are large hotels, restaurants, pubs and night markets near to it. Tanjung Bungah is also a popular tourist destination for its beaches other than Batu Ferringhi.

Other than beaches, travelers have a lot more to see. The famous temples that people prefer to visit are Mariamman, Kek Lok Si, Khoo Clan, Quan Yin or Dhammikarama. Moreover, you can visit to St George Church, Esplanade and City Hall. State museum is famous for those who are interested in local history. Monkey Park located there is quite popular among children.

People get great entertainment in pubs and bars at night. Batu Ferringhi has many night life places. As soon as the sun sets, people start moving towards these nightlife spots and spend a pleasant time there.


Shopping in Penang

Penang is famous for handicrafts and hand-made jewelry. Moreover, you can get good quality watches, leather bags and sportswear. Shopping at the night markets are filled with pleasure. These markets offer wonderful experience to visitors.

Affordable hotels at Penang:

Penang is a famous city with affordable hotels as it is a top holiday destination for many travelers. Penang hotels have all the advanced facilities for travelers. These hotels offer tasty food and almost every street around these hotels have food stalls.

Apart from food, Penang has hundreds of hotels ranging from budget hotels to 5-Star luxurious hotels. If you are looking for an affordable Penang hotel, two hotels are mentioned below:

The Wembley Hotel:
It is another famous Penang hotel with advanced facilities such as gymnasium, swimming pool, and executive lounge. Travelers can stay in this famous hotel to enjoy their Penang travel.

Cititel express:
It is a popular hotel for both leisure and business travelers. This Penang hotel is located in the heart of George Town that offer excellent services, comfortable and clean guest rooms and other modern facilities. Moreover, delicious cuisines are available here.

G hotel:
It is a perfect destination to explore tourist attractions and wonders of Penang. Tourists and travelers feel pleasure and satisfaction during their stay in this Penang hotel due to advanced facilities.

The Gurney:
This Penang hotel offers outstanding convenience and functionality as it boasts a comprehensive range of facilities. It has an outdoor swimming pool, fitness room, massage services, conference rooms and business centers.

It is a big hotel with a lot of things to explore and enjoy. This Penang hotel has a salon, Pool, shopping mall, spa and a lot more.

Royal Bintang:
Royal Bintang is another popular hotel, having a perfect location to visit at various places easily from this Penang hotel such as Old Asia, Low Yat Plaza, Berjaya Times Square, Foot Master Fish Spa, Sungei Wang Plaza and a lot more.

Travelodge Georgetown (Glow hotel):
GLOW is suitable for modern travelers who seek lodging solutions for a convenient and comfortable environment. It has all the standard facilities with gym, free WiFi, self serviced breakfast and many others.

Whether you are travelling for business or to spend holidays with your family members, it is important to choose the right hotel that suits your budget. There are many hotels that provide excellent service at reasonable price. With the help of Penang travel agent, you can choose a hotel that suits your budget.

Penang Travel: Useful Living Tips For Foreigners
Penang has seen a boost in the tourism industry as numbers of tourists and travelers visit Penang for various reasons. Foreigners want to know about some important information related to transportation, food, accommodation, laundry and money matters. Below is some important information that is helpful for foreigners:

There are many bus operators to move from one place to another. Foreigners are encouraged to use buses as it is economical and comfortable to take you from your hotel to any other preferred destination.


Penang street food is food paradise of Asia. It has won many awards and recognitions in food industry. Delicious foods are available all around Penang Island, as there are many restaurants, hawker centers, and food stall, everywhere. Travelers can find food easily at their doorstep.

Penang is famous for local dishes as there is a wide variety in their local foods. The reason is mix culture of Indian, Malay and Chinese. All the foods famous in these cultures are available here. Tourists enjoy a lot the local taste of Penang food in its famous restaurants and hotels. Char Kway Teow, Lor Bak, Tau Sah Piah and Penang Laksa are the famous places for traditional food.

Foreigners who stay for a period of time there may have query and concern that where to get the laundry. It is conveniently found in high populated areas. Visitors who stay in hotel can also get convenience of laundry with a surcharge of laundry items.

Money matters and Banking hours:

Travelers are advised to bring a combination of cash and credit cards and travelers’ cheques. Credit cards are easily used in big shopping malls and hotels while smaller shops accept cash only. Foreigners can exchange their currency in banks, airports, and money changers.

All government offices operate from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. On Friday, the lunch break is from 12.15pm to 2.45 pm to allow the Muslims to perform their prayers. Visitors are advised to obtain further information on local banking hours upon arriving at their destinations. However, ATM machines can help to handle financial matters as they are operating 24 hours throughout 365 days.

It is important to choose a famous and reputable Penang travel agent in order to avoid any inconvenience. You can choose any Penang tour package according to your suitability. It may include the most suitable Penang hotel according to your choice and budget and all other things to fulfill your travel needs.

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